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Budget Cuts PSVR Delayed To July Due To COVID-19

Budget Cuts PSVR Delayed To July Due To COVID-19

It’s been a massive week for PSVR with the announcement of Vader Immortal, a Gorn release date and the release of The Walking Dead. Now time for a small bit of bad news: Budget Cuts has been delayed.

Neat Corp’s popular VR stealth game was due to make the jump from PC to console next week on May 15th. But, yesterday, the company issued a statement confirming the game would now arrive nearly two months later on July 10.

In a post on Twitter, the company cited the impacts of COVID-19 as one reason for the delay. “It has changed the way we can test our builds and work together, since we are now doing so from a distance but it has meant that the turnaround time between our code updates takes a bit longer,” the statement reads.

However, Neat assures that the delay will allow the team to “triple and quadruple check” that Budget Cuts arrives in good shape in July. The team says that all of the fixes and updates available in the PC version will come to the game. It’s not clear if that means the recently-added Mutators update will be available on PSVR at launch. Neat Corp originally told us it would need a little more time to add those elements.

All the same, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead for PSVR now, so hopefully you can hold on a bit longer. We’ll be sure to give you impressions of Budget Cuts on PSVR as soon as possible.

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