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Broken Edge Travels The Seven Seas With The Pirate Fighter

Broken Edge pirate update

Broken Edge adds the Pirate fighter and new weapon variants in a free update for Quest 2 and PC VR.

Following on from the Viking, developer Trebuchet's second Broken Edge character update introduces an eighth playable class, joining the Knight, Barbarian, Samurai, Duelist, Persian, Viking and Tyrant. Packing five different weapons, the Pirate comes armed with a cutlass, rapier, kriegsmesser, boarding axe, and a knife between her teeth. There's also the Pirate's Ship, a new arena set near a mysterious skull-shaped island.

That's not all Trebuchet's added to its 1v1 dueling game. Alongside balancing improvements, Broken Edge's new update introduces a multi-blade feature, letting you "unlock and equip various weapons to any of the game’s iconic fighters." With a Main Blade, Legendary Blade, and Legacy Blade variant, these new weapon types each offer slightly different weapon options for each fighter.

Broken Edge is available now on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR for $9.99.

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