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Broken Edge Introduces The Viking, A New Fighter Joining In Early 2023

Broken Edge Introduces The Viking, A New Fighter Joining In Early 2023

Fast Travel Games revealed that Broken Edge, Trebuchet’s multiplayer duelling game, will receive a new fighter next year on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR.

Announced during the Upload VR Showcase December 2022, The Viking arrives in early 2023 as a free post-launch update. Marking the seventh playable class after the Knight, Barbarian, Samurai, Duelist, Persian, and Tyrant, Broken Edge’s latest addition has a few new tricks. Not only can the Viking dual wield axes, it has a secondary sword stored on your hilt, alongside a shield stored over your shoulder. You can watch this in action below.

Placing you into 1v1 matches, Broken Edge isn’t your traditional duelling game – it values finesse over brute force. Imitating each fighter’s traditional stances to power up, you must land direct hits on your opponent’s primary weapon to destroy a protective barrier surrounding them. After that, all it takes to win is a single hit. 

We really enjoyed  Broken Edge in our review on release  last month. Awarding it our Recommended label, we stated:

“Between its unique visuals and strategic gameplay, Broken Edge is an enjoyable 1v1 fighter that mostly strikes true. What seems like a simple multiplayer experience hides surprising depth, and earning those wins feels highly satisfying. If all you’re after is a colorful action game, [we’d] suggest looking elsewhere, but Trebuchet’s latest game rewards those with patience.”

Broken Edge is available now on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR for $9.99, with the Viking update set to arrive in early 2023. You can read our review here.

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