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MyDearest Release New Brazen Blaze & Mecha Force Gameplay Trailers

MyDearest Release New Brazen Blaze & Mecha Force Gameplay Trailers

MyDearest released new trailers for Brazen Blaze, Mecha Force and more during the UploadVR Winter Showcase.

First up was Brazen Blaze, the upcoming 3v3 "smack & shoot" action game coming to Quest and Steam next year. Inspired by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while featuring a personality-driven cast similar to hero shooters, today's trailer offered a fresh look at gameplay and confirmed an open beta test is coming soon. Check out our previous hands-on impressions to learn more.


Then we have Mecha Force, which MyDearest recently announced would be its first globally published game. Developed by Ming Studio, it takes inspiration from Japanese robot anime like Shin Getter Robo and Gurren Lagann while mixing mech action with roguelike mechanics. That's currently planned for a 2024 launch on Quest, Steam and Pico.


Finally, we also got a new trailer for Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate. Though MyDearest's episodic trilogy has already been released on Quest and PSVR 2, a 'Dual Edition' with flatscreen support will bring the murder-mystery adventure "soon" on Steam.

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