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Borderlands 3 Guns Get VR Treatment With Audica Tie-In

Borderlands 3 Guns Get VR Treatment With Audica Tie-In

Borderlands 3 VR might not be a thing (yet), but Harmonix’s Audica brings you a bit closer to it.

Revealed last week (which we missed because, you know, Oculus Connect), Audica is bringing Borderlands 3’s Maliwan Pistol into VR. The gun has orange and blue variants to fit the game’s rhythm-based action. It doesn’t change the gameplay itself in any way, but it’s a really cool way to crossover with another gaming series.

Audica is a little like a shooter version of Beat Saber. Notes fly in from in front of you and you have to blast them based on the corresponding colors. At release, we thought the game was fun if bare bones. There’s been plenty of updates bringing in new features and more tracks since then, though.

The Borderlands 3 guns arrived as part of a free update last week. Said update also brought in new calibration options for better audio syncing, Twitch Chat integration and a few other things.

Of course, Borderlands 3’s predecessor, Borderlands 2, already got the VR treatment on PSVR. A PC VR version of the game is due to launch later this month with all the DLC intact. As for Borderlands 3 VR? Gearbox says its been talked about but doesn’t have any real plans as of right now. Hopefully, that changes in the near future.

Elsewhere, we know that Audica is on the way to PSVR later this year. For now, the game remains in Early Access on PC VR headsets. What other iconic videogame guns would you like to get hold of in Audica?

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