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Borderlands 2 VR Won't Include Any DLC At Launch

Borderlands 2 VR Won't Include Any DLC At Launch

Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 VR won’t include the original game’s DLC when it launches for PSVR this year.

The developer confirmed as much on Twitter yesterday, reaffirming that the VR version consists of “the full core game” with the “original four Vault Hunters.” There’s no word on if the DLC packs could eventually make it to the game, but fingers crossed.

The original Borderlands 2 received 10 DLC packs following its launch, four of which added more story-based content to the game and another two introduced new playable characters.

It’s very possible that Gearbox is waiting to see how the base game performs before including any of the game’s DLC. Two weeks back the developer also noted that they wouldn’t be bringing other games in the Borderlands series to VR ‘for now’.

DLC isn’t the only thing stripped back from the Borderlands 2 VR experience. The game’s also a strictly single-player only affair, dropping the four-player co-op of the original. There’s no support for Sony’s PSVR Aim Controller, either, which seems like a perfect fit (Move and DualShock 4 controls are in, though). Still, this is a massive game with about 30 hours of content in the base campaign alone, not to mention sidequests and other features. Even if it’s stripped back, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Borderlands 2 hits PSVR exclusively on December 14th for $49.99.

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