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Borderlands 2 VR Coming To PSVR This December Without Mutliplayer

Borderlands 2 VR Coming To PSVR This December Without Mutliplayer

Update: The official Borderlands Twitter account has been busy tweeting additional details since the announcement went live. According to those tweets, not only will the game also have DualShock 4 support (in addition to PS Move support), but they’ve also hinted that more Borderlands games could be coming. In reply to a question from a fan, the account tweeted: “Just Borderlands 2 for now!” which leaves us excited for potential future VR ports.

You can pre-order the game right now ahead of its December 14th release for $49.99.

Original: Talk about a surprise announcement for a random October morning: Gearbox is bringing Borderlands 2 VR to PSVR on December 14th. The VR version of the acclaimed looter shooter will introduce the entire game, with brand new bullet-time mechanics, and enhanced gameplay to take advantage of the new medium.

There’s no word on if Borderlands 2 VR will come to other headsets on the same date or in the future, so as of now it’s looking like a PSVR-exclusive. In the PS blog post, Brian Burleson, Producer at Gearbox, mentions PS Move controller support, but not PS Aim controller support unfortunately. Also, this will apparently be a single-player only iteration of the game. In fact, they’re redoing all of the skill trees to replace any co-op focused abilities. Other than that, it seems like the full game.

The bright, stylized art style will lend itself well to VR, so hopefully that means the game is able to make a smooth transition. Borderlands 2 is originally a PS3/Xbox 360 game, before its PS4 port a few years ago. In the trailer above we can see teleportation movement and it looks like smooth movement in a few sections — hopefully smooth artificial movement will be an option instead of only teleporting.

Although, multiplayer is a huge staple of what makes the game so great. Personally, I’ve never once played through a Borderlands game entirely alone because of how fun and addictive the co-op has always been. Comboing abilities together, fighting over loot, and wreaking havoc across Pandora is the heart and soul of Borderlands. I’m not sure how much fun the game will be going it solo, but we only have to wait about two months to find out.

It’s also interesting that Gearbox is choosing to skip the first game and Pre-Sequel to just port the second iteration. I’m not complaining though, since it’s generally considered the best one.

What do you think of the news? I’m excited to get up close and personal with Claptrap later this year. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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