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Border Patrol Is Papers, Please Meets Robo Recall In VR

Border Patrol Is Papers, Please Meets Robo Recall In VR

The developers of Bloody Zombies are doing something quite different for their next VR game.

This week the studio revealed its latest title, Border Patrol, via the tweet below. There’s not much to go on right now, but what’s here sounds promising; the team suggests it will be a mix of Papers, Please with a much lighter tone in which you examine robots for inspection, a little like the Portal-based experience seen in Valve’s free VR game, The Lab.

For those that don’t know, Papers, Please was a hugely popular indie title in which players were in control of a border crossing in an Eastern European country. They had to judge each traveler based on their documents and stories, deciding whether or not to let them in (which might have repercussions for you). Translating that idea to VR sounds like a fascinating idea, even if Border Patrol is going for a much more light-hearted tone.

Currently, the team is looking for a funding partner to get the game made. Bloody Zombies itself was published by The Assembly developer, nDreams, but it doesn’t look like the pair aren’t teaming up again for this project.

We weren’t the biggest fans of Bloody Zombies, but Border Patrol sounds like a much more fitting idea for VR. Hopefully we’ll see something come of this soon.

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