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Boneworks Dev Promises Info On 'Upcoming Games' In 2021

Boneworks Dev Promises Info On 'Upcoming Games' In 2021

We should hear more about the new projects from Boneworks developer Stress Level Zero sometime in 2021.

Last week on Twitter the studio’s Brandon J Laatsch revealed that there will be more info to share on the team’s “upcoming games” next year. Asked if Boneworks could add female characters in the future, Laatsch replied: “Boneworks is Arthur Ford’s story, so not for Boneworks. But the story isn’t all about Arthur, we’ll have info about upcoming games next year!”

There are two interesting tidbits to take from this tweet. First and most obvious is that this means we should know more about the new game set in the Boneworks universe that’s due to release at least on Oculus Quest. The game was first announced in late 2019 just ahead of the launch of Boneworks itself, but we haven’t heard anything about it throughout 2020.

But note that Laatsch also says projects, plural. That confirms that the team is working on at least one other title beyond the next installment in the Boneworks universe. Could this be another title set in that same world, something entirely new, or perhaps even something that ties back into the developer’s first two VR games, Hover Junkers and Duck Season? A Boneworks update out today already revisits the former of those two worlds.

We also know that the team’s next game will be coming to Quest and Steam, though it’s not clear if that could be the already announced Boneworks title or whatever other projects the team has in development.

What do you think Stress Level Zero’s next projects could be? Let us know in the comments below!


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