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E3 2019: Fresh Boneworks Footage Showcases New Enemy Type

E3 2019: Fresh Boneworks Footage Showcases New Enemy Type

We couldn’t let our E3 VR Showcase come and go without a quick look at one of our most anticipated PC VR titles. So here’s some fresh footage of Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks.

If you hadn’t heard, Boneworks is a hugely promising physics-driven first-person shooter (FPS). It’s coming to SteamVR-supported headsets, but it’s also a great showcase of the Valve Index and its stunning new controllers.

In this new clip we get a brief glimpse at the bizarre facility Boneworks’ narrative-driven campaign unfolds in. Players embody an engineer in an advanced AI-driven operating system. That definitely sounds like something that could go wrong at every possible turn.

There is, of course, also a look at combat and a return of the robotic umping crab enemies that haunt our dreams. We’re also introduced to a new type of character that we assume is an enemy of some sort. It’s a humanoid… mesh? All we know for sure is it’s about to attack you. No, we don’t understand it much either, but we can’t wait to find out more.

We’ve played quite a bit of Boneworks ourselves and we’re really excited for it. In our GDC preview was said the game felt like one of the first next-generation VR titles.

Boneworks is due for release later this year with support for Index, Vive, Rift and Windows VR. No, we don’t know exactly when; we couldn’t crowbar that information out of Stress Level Zero just yet.

As for our E3 VR Showcase? There’s plenty more where this came from!

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