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Boneworks Adds An Awesome 'Board Gun' For 1.5 Update Next Week

Boneworks Adds An Awesome 'Board Gun' For 1.5 Update Next Week

There’s a new Boneworks update due out next week, and it adds what looks like one of the coolest weapons to the game yet, the board gun.

Boneworks update 1.5 is called Zombie Warehouse. As the name suggests, it features zombified enemies (or at least, more zombified that the game’s traditional bad guys) and new tools to fight them with. Check out the trailer below to see the board gun, which already strikes us as an ingenious invention.

Essentially, the board gun lets you shoot at two points on a map, then it connects a wooden board between those two points. For the classic zombie survivalists among us, that means quickly boarding up windows to give yourself a little breathing space. But, as the trailer shows, you can also take the gun on the offensive and use it to phase solid matter straight into the middle of enemies. Gruesome.

This update will also add some general gameplay improvements, which you can get a sense for in the trailer. Boneworks already offers an incredible physics funhouse, so any improvements to the existing formula are welcome.

The Zombie Warehouse update arrives on June 18. It’s the latest in a series of updates for Boneworks. In April, developer Stress Level Zero added new maps and a time trial course. The team is also working on a spin-off of the game for the Oculus Quest, though we don’t have much of an idea of when we’ll be seeing that right now.

Will you be checking out the new Boneworks update? Let us know in the comments below!


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