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PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Gets Higher Resolution, Framerate And More For PS5, Dev Says

PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Gets Higher Resolution, Framerate And More For PS5, Dev Says

Developer Sony London says that its latest update to PSVR exclusive Blood & Truth will feature some key improvements when playing the game on PS5.

According to a tweet from the studio, Blood & Truth will feature higher resolution, higher framerate (up to 90fps), the highest level of detail on assets and improved textures on PS5. This relates to the main game and all of the free DLC that was added post-launch.

Blood & Truth PS5 Updates Detailed

What’s not clear from the tweet is if ‘latest update’ means a new patch releasing today (or in the near future) or one of the game’s more recent updates from the past few months. We’re also not sure if this list of improvements pushes past what players can expect on a PS4 Pro, but we’ve reached out to Sony itself to ask.

Blood & Truth remains one of our favorite PSVR games. Expanding off of The London Heist minigame from PlayStation VR Worlds, it casts players as an elite soldier that returns to his home in London where his family becomes tangled up in a crime war. A focus on storytelling, unique interactions and blockbuster shootouts make it something of a must-play for Sony’s headset.

If Blood & Truth is updated specifically for PS5, it could mean big things for Sony’s headset on the new console. So far we know that PS5 only supports old PSVR games from the PS4-era, meaning cross-generation games with PSVR support on PS4 like Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky don’t support the headset in their next-generation versions. However, if developers can patch old PSVR games to feature improvements specific to PS5, that could hold a lot of potential for revisiting older titles.

We’ve actually already found improved load times in multiple PSVR titles on the new console but, to our eyes, these games actually performed as if you were using a PS4 Pro. That was before we’d heard of any updates for PS5, though. We’ll be sure to take another look at Blood & Truth with these updates detailed and let you know what we find.

Are you excited by possible Blood & Truth PS5 updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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