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PSVR Exclusive FPS Blood And Truth Finally Gets A Release Date

PSVR Exclusive FPS Blood And Truth Finally Gets A Release Date

Sony London’s long-anticipated follow-up to The London Heist, Blood and Truth, is nearly here.

The PSVR exclusive first-person shooter (FPS) will launch on 28th May 2019. That much was confirmed during Sony’s first State of Play broadcast today in an explosive new trailer.

Blood and Truth offers a full single-player shooter campaign. It takes players to the streets of London where they’ll face off with gangs. You play as a former SAS soldier and wield two Move motion controllers. Movement is node-based, allowing you to pick between cover points to move to.

This one’s been a long time coming. Blood and Truth was first announced back in 2017. Just as last year’s Astro Bot was born from a brief demo in a PSVR launch compilation, Blood and Truth has its roots in Sony London’s first PSVR title, PlayStation VR Worlds. It featured a 30-minute shooter that placed an emphasis on story and immersion. It’s a pretty good template for what to expect from Blood and Truth.

Still, we’ve had mixed feelings about the game across various gameplay demos over the past year. While the production values are impressive for a VR game, it’s hard to deny some of the gameplay elements feel a little dated by shooter standards. That said, it’s been a while since we last saw the game and, with any luck, Sony London has addressed some of these concerns. We’ll find out soon enough.

Sony London isn’t the only developer working on a PSVR exclusive in the UK. We’re also waiting to see what Sony’s new Manchester-based studio is working on. Perhaps that will be this year too?

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