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Block Buster Is A New VR Kaiju Game Coming Soon

Block Buster Is A New VR Kaiju Game Coming Soon

Get ready to smash up cities and cause much misery in VR – Block Buster is coming to headsets soon.

This new title from a new developer named Happy Kamper Pictures was just revealed. In it, players dress up in rubber kaiju costumes and stomp through maps, destroying buildings and swatting away the military. Everything you’d want in a VR kaiju game, then. Check it out in our exclusive debut trailer below.

As you play you’ll be able to unlock more costumes with (as the end of the trailer suggests) new powers. It’s coming to VR headsets next year.

Block Buster was revealed as part of our Winter Wrap-Up event that’s going on all week! We’ve also revealed the first gameplay of The Wizards: Dark Times on Quest and checked in with Resolution Games for updates on Blaston and Demeo. Check back later on for new looks at Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, Traffic Jams, Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual and many more! The full schedule is below.

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