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Blaston's New Update Adds Quest Passthrough Play

Blaston's New Update Adds Quest Passthrough Play

Blaston’s new update lets you play the multiplayer bullet hell title whilst viewing the real world around you.

The Arctic Blast update for the game is rolling out now and adds a host of new features. On Quest, you can now experience the game using the Passthrough function, meaning the headset’s cameras are used to show the real world around you inside of the game’s virtual environments. The game will even outline items in a room in neon colors. Don’t expect this feature on PC VR devices right now, though.

Blaston Gets Passthrough Play

Blaston Passthrough

Not only is it a pretty cool effect but it’s great for those concerned about throwing their head into a nearby shelf when dodging incoming attacks.

Elsewhere, this update introduces a new playable character named Shoxx that features different facial expressions with a Daft Punk-style electronic headset, and there’s an Arctic Resort locations, too. You’ll also be able to wield an Ice Cannon weapon and there’s a new weapon skin. Check out a trailer for the game below.

Perhaps most importantly, Blaston now supports player-hosted tournaments, so you can set the quick 1v1 battles into brackets of eight players and compete for the top prize.

Arctic Blast isn’t the only update developer Resolution Games is planning for December – next week sees the launch of the third dungeon for co-op tabletop adventure, Demeo. The company’s also announced its first new project for 2022 in Ultimechs.

Will you be checking out Blaston’s Arctic Blast update? Let us know in the comments below!

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