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Blade And Sorcery PC Update Adds Improved Stealth, Quest Incoming

Blade And Sorcery PC Update Adds Improved Stealth, Quest Incoming

A new update to the PC VR version of Blade And Sorcery improves the stealth features in the game’s Dungeon mode.

Update 1.02 hit the game yesterday, and is headlined by a new alertness feature for enemies patrolling routes in the new mode. If you’re spotted, NPCs will now need a little more time to detect you and decide you’re an enemy. Previously even just appearing in the corner of an NPC’s vision would mean an immediate alert, so this update should make things feel a little fairer.

New Blade And Sorcery Update Goes Live

As for the Oculus Quest 2 edition, Blade And Sorcery: Nomad, this patch will arrive once the rollout of the PC version has gone smoothly according to community manager, The Baron.

Dungeons is a great new addition to Blade And Sorcery, giving the game a decent sense of progression. We reviewed Nomad back at the beginning of the month noting that the series had taken positive steps to resembling a full release, but more work was needed before it really felt like a finished product.

There are other additions too. Boat oars can be used as weapons and you can also pet chickens with greater ease, if that’s a thing you really want to be doing. In terms of changes, there’s now less chance an enemy will do a jump attack (which leaves them exposed but also often ends in them jumping into the camera). You can also expect an assortment of fixes, including issues with Pimax and Windows VR headsets randomly rotating.

There’s still more to come from Blade And Sorcery – 2022 will bring a big update with a new progression mode, and Nomad will soon be getting mod support, too.


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