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Blade And Sorcery May Come To PSVR 2 (But Not PSVR 1)

Blade And Sorcery May Come To PSVR 2 (But Not PSVR 1)

Warp Frog is considering bringing its popular VR combat game, Blade And Sorcery, to the upcoming PS5 VR headset, but not the original PSVR.

The developer confirmed as much in an FAQ about the upcoming Quest 2 version of the game, Blade And Sorcery: Nomad. Warp Frog reasoned that, even though the PSVR platform was more powerful than a Quest 2, the limited tracking with the PlayStation Move controllers “would not be great for B&S.”

But what about a possible version for PSVR 2 (which isn’t the headset’s official name just yet)? We’re expecting to hear more about Sony’s next-generation VR headset for its PS5 console soon, but we already know it boasts improved horsepower and controllers.

“We are really excited about PSVR2,” Warp Frog wrote. “PS5 performance is also on par with PC, which means in theory we could port the PC version of B&S without much difficulty, and possibly even without compromising graphics at all.

“It’s still too soon to make any announcements, but we are interested in porting B&S on PSVR2, as soon as it’s possible for Sony. But for now, let’s just say “we will see” and no promises, haha.”

PSVR 2’s improved features have drawn the attention of other previously PC VR-exclusive developers. Boneworks studio Stress Level Zero suggested there was a high chance they support the next platform should it meet the right requirements. You can keep up with everything we know about the new headset right here.

Would you want to play Blade And Sorcery on PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below!


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