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Bigscreen Beyond Gets A VRChat-Themed Storage Can

Bigscreen Beyond Gets A VRChat-Themed Storage Can

Bigscreen Beyond is so small you can fit it inside a VRChat-themed storage can.

Released last year, Bigscreen Beyond is a PC VR headset powered by SteamVR tracking and a PC. Custom-fitted for a single person and weighing around 127 grams, Bigscreen's first VR headset quickly stood out due to its small size.

Now, in collaboration with VRChat, you can get your very own $39 storage can for the tiny $1,000 headset.

Once you pop off the lid of this energy drink-themed can, the interior includes a foam liming designed to protect it from scratches. Bigscreen notes that it is intended for decorative storage on your shelf and "is not suitable for liquids, and is not a box for shipping/transportation as the lid may open unintentionally."

We had positive impressions in our Bigscreen Beyond review-in-progress, though we're withholding our final judgment until we can test with additional hardware. Praising the lightweight design, we believed that Bigscreen Beyond's existence "provides a tantalizing tease of the future," though we noted some buzzing noises and distracting distortions during movie-watching.

Bigscreen's founder Darshan Shankar tells us the company is currently working to improve order lead times from a couple months to a couple weeks, while also building direct connections with buyers on Discord. Each headset is custom-built in Los Angeles with a labor-intensive process, and they've been working to fine-tune manufacturing.

"I’m confident in saying we’ve easily built the best VRChat headset. If you want to spend 20 hours in VR, you’ll be happier in a Beyond," Shankar told UploadVR, when asked about Vision Pro and Apple's SharePlay technology proving out Bigscreen's areas of focus. "Everything Apple is doing is total validation for what we’ve been working on for a decade. And while we’re extremely tiny, we’re proud to be punching with the giants. We can’t do everything they do, but we find our areas of focus and just try to nail that extremely well."

The Bigscreen Beyond x VRChat storage can is available to order now for $39.

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