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The Best VR Racing Games For PSVR, PC VR And More

The Best VR Racing Games For PSVR, PC VR And More

Few things come more naturally to VR than racing. The best VR racing games let us get behind the wheel of impossible machines and put our foot down. The results are fast, thrilling and visceral.

But racing is a broad term; it doesn’t just have to mean driving. In fact, VR’s physicality has brought about an entirely new wave of racing games unlike any we’ve seen before. So when rounding up our list of the best VR racing games, we only thought it fair that we threw those in too. As such, we’ve split our list into both driving and non-driving racing games so those of us without a license can join in.

So what are the best VR racing games? Speed down our list to find out.

Best VR Racing Games: Driving

Best VR Racing Games Driving

Assetto Corsa (PC VR)

If you’re looking for strict simulation, you can’t go wrong with Assetto Corsa. Kunos Simulazioni’s long-running racer is packed tight with different makes of cars and tracks spanning the world over. Its pinpoint precision racing remains practically unbeaten in the field and, if you want more of it, there’s an army of extra content to dive into. Assetto Corsa might be the oldest game on this list but it’s also one of the best.

Project Cars 2 (PC VR) – Read Our Coverage

Sticking with simulation, Slightly Mad Studios’ most recent racer is typically exhaustive too. Project Cars 2 overtakes both Gran Turismo and Forza with its army of 180+ car models and extensive number of tracks. But its going the extra mile that really makes Project Cars 2 shine, with dynamic weather conditions and a huge career mode to tackle. This one will keep you busy for a good while.

Wipeout Omega Collection (PSVR) – Read Our Review

Once PlayStation VR was announced, Wipeout VR seemed inevitable. Fortunately, unlike Gran Turismo Sport, Sony didn’t mess it up. Wipeout Omega collection is already an impressive tribute to the sci-fi racing series, bundling three games worth of content into one. Throw in VR support and it quickly becomes one of the most essential games yet seen on headsets. This is visceral, vibrant racing as its very best, though you may want to keep a sickbag at the ready.

DiRT Rally (Oculus Rift, PSVR) – Read Our Review

There’s been a disappointing lack of Codemasters racing games for VR platforms thus far. More are on the way but, for now, DiRT Rally remains a prime example of how to do VR racing right. This is a different kind of sim, taking you to rocky roads and twisty forests and daring you to put your foot down. Again, it can be tough on the stomach but the adrenaline that comes from nailing a drift is unparalleled.

Best VR Racing Games: Non-Driving

Rush (PC VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, PSVR)

If getting behind the wheel isn’t your thing, how about a wingsuit? Rush is a popular high flying racer in which you can glide down mountains, narrowly dodging tress and rocks in pursuit of checkpoints. Challenge your friends in over 90 tracks across four environments, physically tilting your body to master each course. Rush is tough to m

Sprint Vector (PC VR, PSVR) – Read Our Review

When we thinking about racing games we think about driving. But the truth is it would be a crime to do a VR racing list without mentioning Survios’ sublime sprinting game. Sprint Vector is about as close as you’ll get to Mario Kart in VR. The game uses a finely-tuned arm swing mechanic to help you skate down tracks as a supernatural athlete. Throw in power-ups, climbing and flying and you have one of the most dynamic racing games yet made for VR.

To The Top (PC VR, PSVR) – Read Our Review

To The Top is similar to Sprint Vector, only a little more vertical. The game uses your hands as the main way of getting around, hoisting yourself up over obstacle courses and flinging yourself forwards. It’s an unconventional racing game for sure, but it’s undoubtedly one of VR’s best.

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