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Best PSVR Aim Controller Games: The Shooters You Can Upgrade

Best PSVR Aim Controller Games: The Shooters You Can Upgrade

Want the ultimate in VR shooter immersion? Then you’ll want to check out the best PSVR Aim controller games.

Sony’s rifle-shaped controller has been on the market for a few years now and remains a curious little thing. In some ways, it answers the problems we have with the original Move controller, combining position-tracked motion with dual analog sticks for easy movement.

It’s also had fairly decent support since launch, with some of the headset’s best titles integrating the controller either from day one or adding a patch later down the line. So if you’re only just picking one up, here’s our picks for the best PSVR Aim controller games. Remember you can pick all of these up on the PlayStation Store, but some are available in bundles with the controller, too.

Best PSVR Aim Controller Games

Crisis Vrigade 2

The most recent game on our list is this Time Crisis-style shooter for VR masochists. The Crisis series gives you a limited number of lives and a short amount of time to clear any one of its handful of levels. Though tough, the difficulty really helps the series stand out and we love the focus on cover-based action. If you have a PSVR Aim controller and a good camera setup, that’s the definitive way to experience it, too. As such, it’s one of the best PSVR Aim controller games.

Borderlands 2 VR

Gearbox’s looter shooter makes the most sense in VR when you’re kitted out with the Aim controller. Borderlands 2’s huge assortment of weaponary feels great given the context of this controller, and it helps you better naivgate the world than you can with two Move controllers. If you’re thinking of picking up Borderlands 2 VR, we’d say the Aim controller is an essential add-on.

Firewall: Zero Hour

In many ways the Aim controller’s defining headset is this multiplayer tactical shooter that takes after the likes of Rainbow Six. Firewall pits you in team-based, small scale firefights that provide endless hours of fun. It’s like laser tag in your living room, and a genuine contender for the best game on the platform as a whole. Firewall is still getting new content to this day and, even if it takes a while to get into a match, it still remains very much worth your time.


Farpoint has a well-earned spot on our list of best PSVR Aim controller games because it was the first titles to support the kit. In fact, this sci-fi shooter was built specifically with the rifle in mind, offering a VR take on Starship Troopers. You fight your way through swarms of bug-like aliens, but it’s the game’s surprisingly human story that might leave the biggest impression.

Arizona Sunshine

Vertigo Games’ debut VR shooter may have aged like a zombie in the sun since 2016, but it’s still one of the few, full single-player VR campaigns you can play with the Aim controller right the way through. In fact, Vertigo went back and redesigned the game, swapping out pistols for rifles, to make sure you get the full immersive experience. We’re hoping the studio’s upcoming After The Fall pays similar attention to the controller.

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