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Beat Saber Still Beats Zenith In February PSVR Sales

Beat Saber Still Beats Zenith In February PSVR Sales

Despite the hype around the recent launch of VR MMO, Zenith, the game hasn’t outsold Beat Saber in recent PSVR sales charts.

Sony publishes the best-selling games on the PlayStation Store every month, split into different categories. In the January update, Beat Saber remained on top (where it has been for well over a year now), with Zenith only making a dent in the US chart after a few days on sale.

Zenith Sales

With February done, Zenith has now had a full month of sales on tally and, though the game’s performed well, Beat Saber and some other mainstays still won out. In both the US and EU, Beat Saber was the best-selling title, followed by Survios’ Creed: Rise to Glory and then Job Simulator and Superhot VR after them.

Zenith followed in fifth in the US and eigth in the EU. Rick and Morty, Gun Club VR and Swordsman VR all chimed in, too.

Still, it’s rare to see a new game chart in the monthly rankings, and we already know Zenith is doing well on other platforms, having shot to the top of Steam’s top sellers at launch.

The VR MMO is definitely on the rough side, but we thought it laid the foundations for something great when we reviewed it last month. “There’s hours to spend here exploring with friends and maxing out character stats, and even the current straightforward quest structure makes the game hard to put down,” we said.

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