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Beat Saber And Job Simulator Were PSVR's Most Downloaded Games In 2018

Beat Saber And Job Simulator Were PSVR's Most Downloaded Games In 2018

Sony has released its annual list of the most downloaded games on its PSVR headset. The winners won’t surprise you.

Two lists were published last week. One is for the US and the other is for the EU. For the former, Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator came out on top (again) with Beat Games’ mega-popular Beat Saber coming in second. In the EU, it was Beat Saber in first and Job Simulator close behind. Sony never reveals the actual sales data behind these downloads, though.

For Job Simulator, it’s three years in a row at the top. The game was a launch title for PSVR back in 2016 and is generally considered to be something of a poster child for VR. Beat Saber, meanwhile, first launched on PC in early 2018. It soon became one of the most popular VR games around, making the PSVR port highly anticipated. It finally arrived in mid-November. That the game managed to reach the top of the charts in both territories in such a small amount of time is nothing short of amazing.

That said, it is true that Beat Saber was only available digitally. Most other games in both lists like Superhot VR, Moss and Rick and Morty, all had physical versions too. That might explain why some of the year’s best PSVR games like Astro Bot and Firewall didn’t make it into either list’s top 5. Astro Bot hit sixth in the Europe and Firewall came in 17th.

Still, it’s a new year and we’ll be excited to see what new challengers await us. Sony’s Blood and Truth could be a big hit if it nails the VR first-person shooter (FPS). That said, there’s little that feels like it could truly rival the top games in these lists just yet.


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