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Beat Saber Will Never Be Dethroned From The Top Of The PSVR Charts

Beat Saber Will Never Be Dethroned From The Top Of The PSVR Charts

Guess which game topped the PSVR category for this month’s PlayStation Store charts. Go on, guess.

No, it wasn’t Loading Human: Chapter One. It was Beat Saber.

Yes, Beat Saber. For the eighth month in a row in the US (ninth in the EU), Beat Games’ rhythm titles topped the charts. The game hasn’t been dethroned since last summer, where Darth Vader — the guy with an actual lightsaber — was temporarily able to climb on top. Since then? It’s been nothing but Beat Saber. And this is with the long-delayed multiplayer update still in the wind for this version of the game (though it is supposedly coming soon).

It’s as if PSVR newcomers are but red and blue blocks, merely lined up to get cut in half and tossed aside; lambs to the slaughter in Beat Games’ ongoing conquest.

Okay now guess which titles came in second and third? Did you say Job Simulator and Superhot VR? Well you were wrong, because Vader Immortal actually came second in the US and third in Europe. But then, after that, you were right; Job Sim and Superhot both squeeze into the top four.

It’s the higher half of the top 10 that seems all to play for in this list these days. VR remaster, Doom 3: VR Edition scored the eighth spot in the US and fifth in Europe, while Swordsman VR managed to cut in at seven in the US and 10 in Europe. Other than that it’s a lot of your usual entires – Creeds, Gun Clubs, Gorns and what not. These charts only count digital game sales – nothing on disc.

Granted VR-optional games like Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky are likely selling better than most other PSVR games, but Beat Saber threatens to dominate the PSVR top spot until something can significantly shake things up. This summer is a promising one for Sony’s aging headset – there’s Fracked, Sniper Elite VR, Arashi: Castles of Sin, After The Fall and many more to look forward to.

Will one of them maybe give us a moment’s respite from the titanic sales juggernaut’s onward march? For the sake of having a little variety in our writing, we hope so.

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