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Beat Saber Releases Origins Prototype For First Birthday

Beat Saber Releases Origins Prototype For First Birthday

Break out the belated cake; yesterday was Beat Saber‘s first birthday! Yes, Beat Games’ Star Wars-aping rhythm action game first hit PC VR early access on May 1 2018. To celebrate the occasion, the studio released a rather intriguing little experience.

Beat Saber Origins, as the piece is called, is simply a prototype version of the original game. It was one of the first working builds of the game that got off the ground all the way back in November 2016. Back then, Beat Games was known as Hyperbolic Magnetism (the name change was for the best).

You can download the experience for free over here. It only contains one song and obviously isn’t as polished as the full thing but it’s a nice treat for Saber fans. It needs SteamVR to run.

It’s funny to think just how far Beat Saber has come since then. Not only is the game now much more robust, but it’s appearing on new platforms like Oculus’ upcoming Quest standalone headset. The game’s gone on to sell over a million units around Rift, Vive, Windows and PSVR since its launch in 2018 and can even be found at arcades around the globe.

Beat Saber Year 2 will consist of more DLC drops that add new songs. You can probably expect some crazy new free tracks to drop too.

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