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New Beat Saber Music: Original Soundtrack V Coming Soon

New Beat Saber Music: Original Soundtrack V Coming Soon

There’s new Beat Saber music on the way – the Original Soundtrack V (or OST 5) pack is coming soon.

Beat Games just teased the news over on Twitter along with a quick video teasing what’s almost certainly one of the tracks included in the new pack. There was no date given for OST 5 just yet, but we never have to wait too long between a pack’s announcement and release.

Beat Saber OST5 Incoming

As the name suggests, this pack won’t feature high-profile artists but instead return to Beat Saber’s roots and deliver a set of original songs for the game, just like those that first released on the platform years ago. Typically, OST packs have been released for free, though Beat Games hasn’t confirmed if that trend will continue with this new installment. It’s likely to hit all of the game’s existing platforms, though.

This is the first OST update for the game to be added in roughly a year as Beat Games has doubled down on premium content from artists like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga. We thought the last installment was an appreciated but ultimately disappointing attempt to try something new, as it focused on a heavier type of music. Certainly, the song in the teasers suggests this pack will be closer to Beat Saber’s original tone.

Looking for more Beat Saber? We recently ranked our favorite packs for the music game mammoth. What are you hoping to see from OST 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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