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Beat Saber Is Getting A New Block Type

Beat Saber Is Getting A New Block Type

It looks like Beat Saber is getting a new block type.

Yesterday the game’s official Twitter account posted an image of a block that appeared to be sliced into segments, creating a curve. At the time it wasn’t clear if this was a direct tease for something new in-game but, since then, the game’s lead level creator, Freeek has confirmed that this is an entirely new type of block, which many in the community are referring to as ‘Sliders’.

Beat Saber New Block Type Incoming

You can imagine, then, this block type getting players to make longer, more directed swipes than the quick flicks that will slice up the original blocks. Freeek also noted that the new type has been in development for a long time now, but will not feature in old tracks. Instead, they’ll be implemented into upcoming releases. Currently, there are no new tracks or DLC announced for the game, but there’s no doubt plenty of new content lined up for 2022. The Lady Gaga Pack is now just over a month old, and we’re really quite fond of it.

By our count, this is the first time Beat Games has added a significant new feature to the actual core gameplay of Beat Saber since it left early access on PC. That’s not counting various optional modifiers and, of course, the many mods that can completely change how you play the game (remember FeetSaber?).

What do you make of Beat Saber’s new block type? Let us know in the comments below!

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