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Beat Saber Multiplayer On PSVR May Be Delayed, Developer Warns

Beat Saber Multiplayer On PSVR May Be Delayed, Developer Warns

Last week saw the long-awaited reveal of Beat Saber multiplayer support, coming to most headsets on October 13th. But PSVR owners may have to wait a little longer.

Beat Saber Multiplayer PSVR Support May Be Delayed

Following the announcement during Facebook Connect, developer Beat Games took to Twitter to note that the PSVR version of the update might not hit October 13th. The developer said it was “doing everything we can to make sure we release multiplayer simultaneously on all platforms on October 13 but there might be a delay with the PS4 version. Please bear with us and check our social media regularly for new updates about PS VR.”

No specific reason was given for the possible delay, but it wouldn’t be the first time PSVR players have had to wait a little longer on a Beat Saber update. It could be that Sony’s certification process for the PS4 ecosystem is what’s holding things up.

Beat Saber multiplayer support will accommodate up to five players and give them the chance to make their very own avatars as they compete in tracks. Multiplayer support was first promised a few years back, but a prolonged silence had us wondering if the feature might have been shelved.

It’s not the only Beat Saber news from last week, though. Beat Games also announced a BTS Pack that’s due to release before the end of the year. Combine all that with the recently-released Linkin Park Pack and there’s plenty to keep you moving for the next few months.

Are you waiting for Beat Saber multiplayer PSVR support? Let us know in the comments below!

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