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Beat Saber Gets A New 3D Level Editor On PC

Beat Saber Gets A New 3D Level Editor On PC

Beat Saber’s PC version now has a new 3D interface for level editing. Or it does in beta, at least.

This new editor was built from the ground up for players that want to make their own tracks for Beat Games’ hit rhythm title. You can get a first look at the new interface in the below stream from beatmappers Freeek and Kolezan.

New Beat Saber Level Editor Arrives

At its core, the editor lets you add music and then map blue and red boxes to it. You don’t need to jump into VR to do this; the editor is used from a normal PC display. As you might expect, this also includes support for Beat Saber’s newest features, like the Arc and Chain block types and the new lighting systems we’ve seen implemented in the most recent song packs.

That said this is an early release for the editor and there are plenty of missing features and bugs to iron out. Going forward, there are plans to add support for 360 degree and 90 degree levels as well as waveform scaling, and adding an interactive scrollbar amongst other features. You can see the full patch notes for the new editor right here.

Currently, there’s no mention of bringing the editor to other versions of the game, though mods and customizations have always been a sticking point for the Quest and PSVR editions of the game.

Are you going to be diving into Beat Saber’s new level editor? Let us know in the comments below!

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