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Beat Saber Teases Perhaps Its Hardest Level Yet Coming Soon

Beat Saber Teases Perhaps Its Hardest Level Yet Coming Soon

Think your Beat Saber skills are unbeatable (sorry)? An upcoming song might prove you wrong.

Developer Beat Games is teasing what sounds like the hardest Beat Saber level yet seen. In a tweet on Friday the studio noted that an unnamed upcoming song would feature of 2,000 blocks and 6.25 notes per second. For comparison, Angel Voices has 1,681 notes and Overkill has 4.91 notes per second. In other words, players are going to have to seriously step it up if they’re in hopes of surviving this track.

Well, if that doesn’t push Quest and Rift S tracking to their limits, we don’t know what will. Think you have what it takes for the hardest Beat Saber level yet?

beat saber questAgain, no word on exactly what the track will be or when it will arrive. The comments below the tweet have some good suggestions, though. Through the Fire and the Flames? That’d be pretty epic, wouldn’t it? Beat Saber’s second content pack launched last month so it’s possible this will either be a separate release or a part of the third pack.

This isn’t all Beat Games has in the pipeline right now. Back at E3 we played the first ever 360 degree Beat Saber levels on Quest. They should be releasing on the headset later down the line, and we might see some variation of them on other devices too.

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