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Beat Saber Is Getting A Level Editor This Week

Beat Saber Is Getting A Level Editor This Week

Pretty soon you’ll be able to make your very own Beat Saber levels.

Hyperbolic Magnetism’s addictive rhythm action game only released in Early Access last week, but VR fans have already sliced and diced their way through the game’s 10 tracks. Players are hungry for more, and it looks like the developer will give them exactly that; a recent tweet confirmed that more information on the game’s level editor would be released this Friday.

Not only that, but the team’s Jan Ilavsky then confirmed that the editor itself would ‘probably’ launch this Friday, though it could be even sooner than that.

As the original tweet notes, this will be an alpha version of the game’s level editor, so don’t expect it to work perfectly just yet. Still, you will be able to take your own audio files and build tracks around them, so you’ll finally be able to swing your sabers to the Imperial March. There won’t be an online sharing hub just yet, but you will be able to export levels to manually share between friends.

Still, it’s a pretty promising sign that the team behind the game is serious about supporting it in the run up to full launch. Beat Saber is already something of a hit with the VR crowd, shooting to the top of Steam’s top sellers after launching last week. Alongside the level editor you can expect to see the developer build a bigger single-player mode as well as new gameplay options and more officially integrated songs.

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