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Beat Saber Releases Free Track Remixes For 4th Birthday

Beat Saber Releases Free Track Remixes For 4th Birthday

Somehow, Beat Saber is already turning four years old. To celebrate, there’s some new free content.

Well, kind of new, at least.

Two remixes of tracks from the game’s original soundtrack have been released as part of an update today. They’re mapped by Camellia and Toki respectively. Check one track out in action in the video below.

Beat Saber Free Anniversary Tracks Released

This looks like a great way to revisit some of the game’s original content and refresh what’s come before. In particular, we’ve pointed to how some of the difficulty of the original tracks hasn’t been maintained as new songs have been added in the past, and these remixes could remedy that.

As these tracks have been revamped, they also get the visual overhaul treatment, introducing some of the new lighting effects that made their debut in the game earlier this year.

These new tracks continue Beat Games’ hot streak for its ever-popular VR rhythm game in 2022. So far this year we’ve seen a pack for Fall Out Boy and a new Electronic Mixtape as well as the game’s fifth free OST pack and even new gameplay elements in the form of new block types. Most recently the game added a revamped level editor on PC, too.

All of this was enough for us to go back and re-review Beat Saber in May. Unsurprisingly, we still think it’s one of VR’s most essential games, though there are one or two areas we think need to be addressed going forward.

Are you going to be checking out the Beat Saber free anniversary tracks? Let us know in the comments below!

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