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Beat Saber Enters Steam's Top 5 Sellers In Less Than 24 Hours

Beat Saber Enters Steam's Top 5 Sellers In Less Than 24 Hours

We knew people were going to love Hyperbolic Magnetism’s Beat Saber, but the game already seems to be a sales hit too.

Less than 24 hours after launching, Beat Saber is at the No. 4 spot on Steam’s best sellers. And we don’t mean just for VR; we mean on the entirety of Steam. In fact, according to the tweet below from one of the game’s developers it actually held the No. 2 spot at one point, just behind a little game called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Exact figures haven’t been revealed, but the game does already have over 600 user-reviews with an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ average score. SteamSpy, which tracks Steam data for a rough estimation of how games are selling on the platform, suggests that the game had 1,115 concurrent players at launch yesterday.

It’s not hard to see why Beat Saber is an immediate hit, though. The rhythm action game allows players to wield two laser swords, very similar to those used by Jedi Knights in the Star Wars films, and slice notes that approach them in time with a beat. The game launched in Early Access for $19.99 and intends to make a full release before the end of the year. We haven’t scored it yet, but ” in its current state, we absolutely recommend Beat Saber wholeheartedly.”

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