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Beat Saber DLC Arriving Soon, Future Packs To Arrive Faster

Beat Saber DLC Arriving Soon, Future Packs To Arrive Faster

Looking for the Beat Saber DLC? You shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

The official Beat Saber Twitter account recently reassured fans that the DLC should be arriving ‘soon’. Not that we were getting worried; we had always assumed the first pack would arrive in early 2019. In fact, this is even a little earlier than we’d guessed. Even so, Beat Games explained that porting the DLC to PSVR had been a technical challenge.

However, now that it has some experience, the studio says new Beat Saber DLC will arrive “much quicker” than before.

Back in November Beat Games revealed that it was working on three DLC packs for the game. Each is set to contain around 10 tracks and should cost around $9.99. They’ll all have their own themes, too. It’s not the only new content that’s coming to the game; last month saw the addition of some free new tracks tying into League of Legends, too.

If future packs are going to arrive faster, then will we have all the DLC by the middle of the year? It certainly seems that way. It’ll be great to have Beat Saber fleshed out with more songs, though we also wonder what plans Beat Games has for after these packs. Something tells us they’re far from done with Beat Saber


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