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Watch Darth Maul Play Beat Saber For The First Time

Watch Darth Maul Play Beat Saber For The First Time

Need some of that Monday motivation? How about watching Darth Maul himself crush a level on Beat Saber?

Yes, actual Darth Maul. Or at least the dude that plays him.


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Here ya go! Some of you have asked. First time on Beat Saber and couldn’t resist a bit of a boogie! My kids are the best at it in our home. @beatsaber @playstation4 @voidvr @playstation_vr #sithlife #raypark #maul #starwars #soloastarwarsstory #bigkid #daddy #playstation #playstationvr #lightsaber

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Actor Ray Park, who portrayed the Sith warrior in Star Wars: Episode 1 and (spoiler!) Solo, this weekend posted a video of himself playing Beat Games’ VR hit. PSVR is his weapon of choice. Despite saying it’s his first time playing, he seems to be holding his own pretty well. That said he looks like he’s on a lower difficulty. Come on, Ray, if you can handle Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson at once then surely you can tackle a bunch of flying squares.

Last year, not long after Beat Saber’s PC release, someone made an actual Darth Maul mod. It connected your two motion controllers together to replicate the double-bladed lightsaber. Anyone else think Ray should give it another go with the more authentic experience?

Elsewhere in Beat Saber-land, we should see the game’s first premium DLC ‘soon’. Expect it to be the first of three new song packs. The game was one of the most popular PSVR titles of 2018.

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