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Beat Saber Is Finally Getting A Custom Color Picker

Beat Saber Is Finally Getting A Custom Color Picker

Red and blue are yesterday’s news. Fortunately, Beat Saber will soon let you choose from any other color in the rainbow and beyond.

Yesterday developer Beat Games confirmed that it is working on a custom color picker for the game. Based on the screenshot in the tweet below, you’ll be able to change both notes and their corresponding sabers. You can also change the color of walls and, for what we can tell, the lights in the level. The settings seem to go pretty in-depth, with RGB tweaking and a color wheel for fine-tuning. It doesn’t look like you can change saber and note colors independently but, then again, that’d be chaos.

Some of Beat Saber’s additional songs already change up the colors themselves. But it’ll be great to let players pick their own preferences for each and every level. The Custom Color Picker will arrive alongside the next update, but no word on when that hits just yet. Look for it to arrive on PC VR, PSVR and Quest.

That’s far from all that’s currently on the way to Beat Saber. Alongside the third DLC pack, we’re also waiting on 360-degree levels for Quest. We tried them back at E3 and they were a lot of fun. Beat Games also recently released a new batch of free songs for the game.

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