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Beat Saber Is Audioshield With Lightsabers

Beat Saber Is Audioshield With Lightsabers

Want to get fit and feel like a Jedi? Or just want to witness the maddest light show in all of VR? Beat Saber looks like it might be for you.

Judging by the teaser trailer that captured VR fans’ attention over the weekend, Beat Saber has a very simple pitch: Audioshield but using lightsabers inside of shields. Notes that match a song approach the player and must be swiped in a certain direction. The result is what looks like an intense VR rhythm game that will appeal to fans of not just Star Wars but those that like to keep fit inside their VR games.

The game’s set to feature a full career mode with hand-crafted levels instead of user-generated content like in similar games. Judging by the difficulty seen in the trailer, you might actually need Jedi powers to perfect its levels.

Beat Saber is developed by Hyberbolic Magnetism (and has no official affiliation with Star Wars itself). It’s due for release in Q1 2018 on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR (PSVR).


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