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E3 2019: Beat Saber Dev Discussing 360 Levels On Other Platforms

E3 2019: Beat Saber Dev Discussing 360 Levels On Other Platforms

Beat Saber made a pretty cool reveal at E3 this week. The smash hit rhythm action game will be getting a 360-degree mode on Oculus Quest. This new addition rethinks existing tracks, making for dynamic and active gameplay.

But wait, just on Oculus Quest?

Well for now, yes. That’s what Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck told us at E3. Apparently, the team would like to bring 360 levels to more headsets. There’s just one problem; wires. Quest is the only platform Beat Saber supports that doesn’t require a wire. The PC and PSVR versions both require being plugged into external hardware, which could end up with you getting in a serious tangle.

Beck did suggest that the team might instead opt for different angles on these headsets. A 180-degree track might not be as transformative, but it’s still a nice change of pace. Obviously PSVR wouldn’t be able to support 360 tracks, so this would be a necessity there. The Beat team is also currently undecided on if it will go back and make 360 versions of all original Beat Saber songs, or if it might just add the feature to every new release going forward.

You can hear more from Beck in our video above. We’ve also got plenty of gameplay from the 360 version of the game and thoughts from Ian. David also put his thoughts into an article right here.

Currently, we know these levels will be releasing this year, but Beat Games isn’t getting more specific. We’re also expecting the Quest version of the game to get access to custom-made levels in the near future.

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