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Be The Hero Is A Super-Powered VR Game Releasing Next Week

Be The Hero Is A Super-Powered VR Game Releasing Next Week

Another chance to step into the shoes of a superhero is coming to VR headsets next week.

EXPVR is set to launch its energetic action game, Be The Hero, on August 24th via Steam Early Access with support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets. The studio recently released a new mixed reality trailer for the game, seen below, in which you take on the role of a ninja with super speed and an electric sword that makes short work on the legions of enemies that surround you.

The game utilizes what EXPVR calls ‘fluid combat locomotion’, which seems to mash different mechanics like wall-climbing to give you various ways to get around large environments. EXPVR is promising massive boss battles, one of which makes an appearance in the footage. We particularly like that you get to unsheath your sword from its cover and then have to hold onto that cover as you fight.

It looks a little scrappy, but we’re hoping Be The Hero has some solid ideas that at least make it a less repetitive experience than Marvel: Powers United VR.

The Early Access release is going to come with the first level of the story mode and a stage for a score attack mode. It should have about an hour of content to explore for now, with new stages, weapons and modes coming later down the line. Right now EXPVR expects Early Access to last around six to nine months, though these things have a tendency to last longer than expected.

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