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Battle Bows Adds New Showdown Mode, PSVR 2 Version In Development

Battle Bows

Co-op wave shooter Battle Bows received a free content update and a PSVR 2 version has entered development.

Released last July on Quest and PC VR, Battle Bows tasks you with defending your castle from Balloonies. Releasing a sizable "Bow Showdown" update, developer WIMO Games confirms the gameplay mode sees archers joining one of three competing teams to secure the highest score. Winning these fights helps unlock new talents like reduced elemental power cooldowns or improved range.

This update also introduces the Winter Keep map, featuring more than 40 pathways for enemies to strike from and defenders can trade arrows for explosives. A 'Legendary' difficulty mode is now available with 16 waves of deadly enemies and the 'Legendary Badaboom Boss,' alongside a new crossbow weapon.

We had mixed impressions in our Battle Bows review. Despite finding it entertaining, we didn't believe it had much longevity due to a lack of content, though this update may address that concern.

Even if WIMO Games is able to successfully attract players with only the current content available in Battle Bows, the distinct lack of things to do will inevitably become a problem without further content updates... It might be worth consideration for someone looking to play a new VR game with friends for an evening, but in its current state, you’re unlikely to get much more out of the game than that.

Battle Bows is available now on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR, while the PSVR 2 release window remains unknown.

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