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Batman VR Skydiving Experience Coming To San Diego Comic-Con

Batman VR Skydiving Experience Coming To San Diego Comic-Con

Iron Man isn’t the only superhero bringing a VR experience to San Diego Comic-Con this year.

DC and AT&T are also bringing Batman back to headsets yet again. As part of this year’s show the pair will host ‘The Batman Experience‘, celebrating 80 years of cowls, crime and Catwomen. Part of the experience will be The Dark Knight Dive, which is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a VR skydiving app in which Batman is in pursuit of long-time foe, The Scarecrow. You’ll glide over the Gotham skyline wearing a helmet shaped like Batman’s cowl and floating over a skydive booth. Scarecrow has released his fear toxin into the city, so you’ll experience creepy hallucinations that bring some other classic bat baddies and allies to life. Think about those awesome Scarecrow sequences in the Arkham games, only in VR while you’re plummeting to your death. Sounds cheery, no?

Other features in the experience include a Batcave gaming lounge and a gallery of Bat-film and TV props.

This is far from Batman’s first brush with VR. Rocksteady’s Arkham VR is still one of the most polished VR apps out there and there’s a Justice League tie-in app too. No word yet on if this experience will be featured elsewhere outside of Comic-Con but we’ve got our fingers crossed. Don’t expect to see it on home headsets, though.

Elsewhere at Comic-Con, Iron Man VR will take the stage as part of the Marvel games panel. We’re expecting new reveals for the PSVR exclusive at the show.

Comic-Con runs from July 18 – 21.

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