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Barbaria Roguelike Update Adds The 'Caverns Of The Unknown'

Barbaria VR key art

Barbaria, a VR strategy action game, receives a new roguelike mode.

Developed by Stalwart Games, Barbaria initially launched last year on Quest and Steam, blending first-person combat with strategic tower defence gameplay. Alongside a later PSVR 2 port, it's continued receiving steady updates and version 1.5 adds procedurally generated areas called 'Caverns of the Unknown.' Here's the full description:

Battle through procedurally generated caverns in this new roguelike area to earn currency and compete on the leaderboard. Buffs and bonuses found between cavern chambers grant additional health, extra arrow damage, allies, divine weapons and more to make every run unique. Unlock 4 new cosmetic statues for your realm along the way as you venture deeper into the Unknown.

Joined by bug fixes and balancing improvements, Version 1.5 also introduces a 'UTurn' fragment and three new caps - Tunnel Tower, Stairway and Cavern of Mystery. As for structures, this update adds six new 'Party Crashers' who provide reinforcements for your fragment, and they only spawn when there are three or fewer allies remaining.

We enjoyed Barbaria in our review. Giving it our recommendation, we thought it had "a lot more to offer than the average physics-based hack-n-slash."

Barbaria offers an excellent blend of first-person combat and strategic tower defense gameplay. It’s a release that directly rampages into a hole in the Quest library that seemed to be waiting for a game like this. With a decent range of game modes on offer as well as an engaging and satisfying progression system, Barbaria is well worth adding to any VR action enthusiast’s library.

Barbaria is available on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR and PSVR 2.

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