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AVICII Invector: Encore Edition Is Coming To Quest 2 This Month

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition Is Coming To Quest 2 This Month

AVICII Invector, a music game honoring the work of late Swedish DJ, Tim Bergling, is coming to VR this month via the Quest 2.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition will release on the headset on January 27. It’s a direct port of the game featuring 35 tracks from the DJ, who also went by the name AVICII. The game was originally released on consoles in December 2019, nearly two years after Bergling’s death in April 2018. Check out the trailer below.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition Revealed For Quest 2

Each track in the game sees players pilot a ship that races along courses mapped out to the beat of the music. You need to press buttons in correspondence to the beat and, occasionally, steer the ship through gateways. Points build as you play, pushing you to reach for the highest score, and there are four difficulty levels to each track. Tracks even come in groups that make up a wider, story-driven campaign.

The Quest version of the game plays largely similar to other editions. You use the normal face buttons for much of the beat-matching gameplay, occasionally flicking a control stick to move the craft or pressing a trigger for certain actions. We’ve played the first few levels for ourselves and found that the real joy of the experience is taking in the vibrant visual style in a new way whilst listening to Avicii’s music. It’s not a groundbreaking VR music experience akin to Beat Saber or Unplugged, but fans of the DJ’s music will definitely appreciate getting to experience it in a new way.

All music royalties involved with the game are given to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which is doing work to help alert the world to the stigmas of mental health and suicide.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition is available to wishlist from the Quest store now. Are you going to be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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