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Harmonix's Audica Is Coming To PSVR Later This Year

Harmonix's Audica Is Coming To PSVR Later This Year

Rock Band developer Harmonix’s second PSVR title is on the way.

A port of its likable music shooter, Audica, will hit Sony’s headset later this fall. The company confirmed as much on the PlayStation Blog earlier today, though a specific date wasn’t given.

Audica is a little like a shooter version of, you guessed it, Beat Saber. The game has you blasting notes with different colored pistols to the tune of a beat. The game will launch with all four arenas and over 30 songs.

Artists include Dragonforce, DEADMAU5 and Knife Party and Harmonix says there’s more to come. It’s not clear if these will be via free updates or paid DLC.

Indeed, the game is currently in Early Access on PC and has had a host of songs added since launch. There’s also a level editor and a full campaign. Harmonix confirmed to UploadVR that the PSVR version will be feature-complete with the PC edition at launch. The PC version should also come out of Early Access when the game hits PlayStation.

In our Early Access review of the game (which we didn’t score), we took issue with Audica’s small number of tracks. We did, however, think the game was visually arresting. It could just do with being more intuitive. Hopefully we’ll find a more rounded product later on in the year.

While Harmonix has made a lot of VR games at this point, many of them have been exclusive to Oculus platforms. Audica is only the second Harmonix VR game to hit PSVR since its headset launch title, Harmonix Music VR.

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