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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Tops October PSVR Charts

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Tops October PSVR Charts

Sony’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission was, quite deservingly, the best-selling PSVR game on the PlayStation Store in October.

The third-person platformer, which was developed by the company’s Japan Studio, topped the charts in both the US and EU for October. We don’t know the actual sales data for the game but that’s a good position to be in. What makes this all the more impressive is that Astro Bot wasn’t just sold via the PS Store; a physical copy hit retailers too along with a hardware bundle including a disc for the game, which these charts won’t account for.

We loved Astro Bot, for its inventive gameplay. We said “it fuzes the thrill of seeing a virtual world come to life with the dependably engaging gameplay of one of gaming’s most beloved genres and explores what that can mean with fascinating results. It’s a refreshing reminder of just how astonishing VR can be when there’s nothing in your way, and it’s an absolutely essential experience for any PSVR owner.”

Elsewhere, another big PSVR release, September’s Creed: Rise to Glory, came in second in the EU charts and seventh in the US. Whilst the game also had a physical edition that may have slowed its digital progress, the US store also hosted an exhaustive PSVR sale to celebrate the headset’s second-anniversary last month. With this in mind, we’re not surprised to see regulars like Superhot VR and Job Simulator ranking so highly.

Sadly we don’t see any sign of Archiact’s impressive first-person shooter, Evasion, on either list. The game hit PSVR in early October.

November is another big month for Sony’s headset with games like Deracine and Tetris Effect already released. There’s also a little game called Beat Saber on the way which is bound to have some sort of effect on the next set of charts.

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