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Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Gets PSVR Release Date

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Gets PSVR Release Date

One of PSVR’s most promising upcoming games now has a release date.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission from Sony’s Japan Studio will be launching in the US on October 2nd and EU on October 3rd, it was confirmed today. The game is now available to pre-order via the PlayStation Store for $39.99. Pre-order bonuses include four avatars for your PlayStation account, a dynamic theme for your PS4 menu and the entire soundtrack in digital form. The new video below gives you a whats-what of the game.

Astro Bot was born out of a minigame found in Japan Studio’s PSVR launch-era minigame collection, Playroom VR. Like Oculus Rift exclusive Lucky’s Tale, it’s a third-person platform in which you control a tiny robot on a mission to save his friends. Over the course of several levels, you’ll jump between platforms and take out enemies just like you would in a traditional platformer.

VR does bring some new ideas to the table, though, including using your DualShock 4 as a way to reach into the game world, throwing ninja stars to create platforms and more. We’re really looking forward to it, as you can tell from our preview earlier this year.

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