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No, Meta Didn't Just Leak Asgard's Wrath For Quest 2

No, Meta Didn't Just Leak Asgard's Wrath For Quest 2

A set of assets released to demonstrate new changes in Quest 2’s v41 update featured Rift-exclusive Asgard’s Wrath in a Quest store mock-up.

Sadly, a mock-up was all it was.

Quest’s v41 update includes some important new features, such as the introduction of Horizon Home. But it also updates some of the headset’s parental supervision tools. One such feature allows users to invite parents to approve and deny use of certain apps. The graphic for this shows one user clearly trying to buy Asgard’s Wrath on a mock-up of the Quest 2 store interface.

Asgard's Wrath Quest

Another shows how this system works with a parent’s smartphone which, again, shows Asgard’s Wrath on the Oculus Mobile app (though, in fairness, it’s already there under the Rift section). The assets also showed a 4.5 star rating for the game which would be hard to achieve considering it hasn’t actually been released, and lists ‘Add-On Content’, which Asgard’s Wrath doesn’t actually feature.

Asgard's Wrath Quest 2

We reached out to Meta to ask if this graphic confirms that Asgard’s Wrath is in fact coming to Quest 2. Unforuntely it’s not to be; the company clarified this was purely a mock-up and Asgard’s Wrath was just a placeholder. The game isn’t coming to Quest 2 (at least as far as we know).

It’s a strange mistake to feature a non-Quest 2 game in an asset like this. Asgard’s Wrath originally released in late 2019 as a Rift exclusive title and answered the call for a deep, lengthy VR adventure. Since its release Meta acquired Sanzaru itself, but there’s been no word on a possible sequel or spin-off. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a proper follow-up at some point in the future, though.

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