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Asgard's Wrath Gameplay Video Has Swords And Frog-Men

Asgard's Wrath Gameplay Video Has Swords And Frog-Men

Asgard’s Wrath’s cinematic intro trailer was great, but it left us with plenty of questions. This single-player fantasy role-playing game (RPG) promises 30+ hours of action, but how does it actually play? This new gameplay video gives us some idea.

Oculus Studios Executive Producer Mike Doran posted the clip on Vimeo over the weekend. It’s got nearly two minutes of footage that showcase various gameplay elements, from combat to item gathering.

Asgard’s Wrath 2-11 from Mike Doran on Vimeo.

The game’s combat looks similar to what’s come before. Here we see a sword wielder take down a few zombies, with a brief look at the dismemberment system too. It looks functional for sure but we’re looking forward to seeing how it holds up with more advanced enemies. There’s a lot of other VR staples in here; health is regained by eating food and chests and doors are all opened with realistic interactions.

Surely the highlight of the footage, though, is the sudden appearance of your frog-man ally. He leaps into action to steal a key for you with his tongue (!). Asgard’s Wrath will let you transform animals into companions like this that will join you in battle. It looks like one of the game’s more unique elements and we can’t wait to test it out for ourselves.

We’re not quite sure when Asgard’s Wrath will be launching right now, but we do know it’ll be exclusive to Rift. We’re going to play the game at GDC next month, so we’ll let you know how it’s shaping up.

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