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Ark Park Is Getting Free Flight-Based DLC Next Month

Ark Park Is Getting Free Flight-Based DLC Next Month

One of our biggest problems with Ark Park, Snail Games’ spin-off to the ever-popular Ark: Survival Evolved, is how little content the game offers. But it looks like Snail Games will address this with some free DLC arriving next month.

The Pterosaur Hill content pack will feature new updates to both halves of the Ark Park experience: exploration and combat. The update will focus on flight, with three new maps to explore in Mountain Lake, Crystal Sky Lift and Aviary. These areas will let you ride in hot air balloons and more as you encounter 10 new types of dinosaur including the Diplodocus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Compsognathus, Therizinosaurus, and Gallimimus.

As for new combat missions, you’ll get to ride on the back of a Pterosaur as it takes to the skies. Hovering above the unassuming Death Canyon, you’ll fight that most accurate of dinosaurs, a fire-breathing dragon. You’ll also be able to equip a new sword and shotgun to fight off the hordes of enemies.

The DLC is expected to hit the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets by the end of June, though Snail Games warns it may take a little longer for the PSVR version to release. Whether these new environments and weapons will fix the somewhat lackluster exploration and combat seen in the original game remains to be seen.

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