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Arizona Sunshine, Trover Saves The Universe To Get Quest 2 Enhancements, Facebook Confirms


Facebook shared details on five games that are now officially enhanced for Oculus Quest 2, including previously unconfirmed updates for Arizona Sunshine and Trover Saves The Universe. As soon as you get your headset, you’ll be able to try these games out with enhanced visuals and/or performance.

Here are the five games and a breakdown of how they’ve been enhanced for Quest 2:

Arizona Sunshine: Updated visuals and improved zombie physics.

Ironlights: Improved render resolution, enhanced particle system and shading.

Red Matter: New textures and further LOD (level of detail) distance.

Trover Saves the Universe: New crisp visuals, increased resolution and improved framerate (more details here).

Waltz of the Wizard: Improved fidelity, real-time lights and post-processing, more interactive objects and particle effects, increased world detail and more.

These five titles will be featured on the store on launch day, as part of a ‘Newly Enhanced for Quest 2’ pack — we haven’t received any pricing details yet, but fingers crossed there’s discount applied as well.

While not listed above, we also found that The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which is coming soon to the Quest platform, is also enhanced for Quest 2 — you can read more about that here.

For those out of the loop, the Oculus Quest 2 is a more powerful headset with lots of specification bumps compared to the original Quest. This means that developers have been able to optimize their existing Quest games to boost performance and improve the visuals, thanks to the beefier specs.

Oculus Quest 2 launches October 13, and all five games listed above will be available with Quest 2 enhancements at launch. The headset available in $299 and $399 models at 64GB and 256GB sizes respectively, and all existing Quest content will work across both headsets, even if it’s not been specifically enhanced for Quest 2.


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