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Arizona Sunshine Quest Gets Trailer Park Horde Map Next Week

Arizona Sunshine Quest Gets Trailer Park Horde Map Next Week

There’s yet more content headed to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine. The Quest version of the game gets a new co-op map next week.

The studio, together with development partner Jaywalkers Interactive, this week revealed the Trailer Park map. It’s taken from one of the campaign levels and will be introduced as part of a free update that everyone with a copy of the game on Quest will get. Check out the trailer below.

As with other multiplayer maps, the Trailer Park will let up to four players team up to take on waves of zombies and survive as long as possible. As you play you’ll get access to better weapons that will help you fend off the hordes for as long as possible. You’ll weave between buildings, scavenging supplies where possible and trying to save on bullets with well-placed headshots. Just your standard day for the survivors in the world of Arizona Sunshine, then.

This is just the latest in a long list of post-launch updates for Arizona Sunshine. Last month, Vertigo revealed that around one in ten people that own a VR headset have a copy of its enduring zombie shooter. Since launch in 2016 the game’s seen multiple story expansions and new maps as well as arcade-exclusive experiences. Earlier this year the studio was acquired by Koch Media and continues to work on its next big VR title, After The Fall, which is due next year.

As for PC VR and PSVR? The update will apparently be coming in early 2021.

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